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Looking to boost your home’s value with premium patio doors? Then we have exactly what you need!

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Tailored Doors that Fit Your Unique Home

Standard 5′, 6′ and 8′ Two-Panel Patio Doors
3 patio
Standard 9′ and 12′ Three-Panel Patio Doors
4 patio

Endure™ windows are available in appealing woodgrain interior colors, along with four popular exterior vinyl colors. Remember, each room in your house is unique, so your windows should be too. Choose interior colors to complement each room’s style.


Please refer to our color selector for accurate color representation. Complement the exterior of your home with painted windows to give your house a distinctive look. Choose from one of ProVia’s® standard paint colors (shown below) or use your imagination and custom-match any color of your choice. The factory-applied paint finish maintains long-lasting color due to its exceptional UV and heat-reflective properties. Choosing to paint the exterior of your windows means no worry of peeling, flaking or blistering.
15-year warranty on paint finish
Standard with FlexScreen®
Allow for additional lead time.




For homeowners looking for the absolute maximum in energy efficiency.

  • U Factor = 0.17
  • Energystar MOST EFFICIENT
  • Triple Glazed
  • 2 Low E Glazing Surface Coatings
  • Krypton Insulating Gas-Filled In Two Chambers
  • Warm-EdgeSpacer Technology
  • SHGC = 0.23
  • VLT = 0.37
  • Air Infiltration = 0.05

For more information on this extraordinary insulating package, please contact your local Window Depot.


Our Signature Package*  With the GOLD package from Window Depot USA, your windows come with the following energy saving features:

  • U-FACTOR of 0.19
  • Energystar MOST EFFICIENT Awarded
  • TRIPLE Pane Glazing Technology
  • Dual Surface Low E
  • Argon Gas Fill
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient = 0.23
  • Visible Light Transmittance = 0.37
  • Air Infiltration = 0.05

This combination of price, energy performance, and overall value cannot be matched!


Chock full of features, many of which our competitors consider “upgrades”, the Silver PLUS package from Window Depot USA also gives you certified Energystar performance.

  • Double Glazed
  • Double Stacked Low E Glass
  • Argon Insulating Gas-Filled
  • U Factor = 0.27
  • SHGC = 0.27
  • VLT = 0.50
  • Air Infiltraion = 0.05

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